Pinball and regulatory compliance

Staying compliant can be like keeping your ball on the table

Keeping up to date - and staying compliant - with regulatory compliance in the UK can seem like an insurmountable challenge to some SMBs.

In a recent article, Financier Worldwide outlined the ways in which cyber security is regulated in the UK. This includes "data protection laws, specific cyber security regulations and sector-specific requirements".

The upshot is that organisations are required to apply cyber security in the context of broader 'technical and organisational measures (TOMs) that are designed to safeguard data and ensure business resilience.

With guidance from the Information Commissioners' Office (ICO), the Network & Information Systems (NIS) framework, and other regulatory bodies, figuring out what constitutes the right approach to cyber security. 

Read on to find out about a recent decision by the ICO, and for guidance about how to begin turning guidance into outcomes.

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