Password Protection

Password protection is the bread and butter of all cyber security strategies. Strong passwords are essential to ensuring that users’ and customers’ information is protected.

Enforcing strong password management is vital to ensure users don’t get caught in the trap of using “easy” passwords. The reason for this? If a password is easy for a user to remember, then it will also be easier for sophisticated cybercriminals to guess too.

With strong password controls, organisations can provide a strong first line of defence against cyber attacks, while ensuring only those users with the appropriate privileges can access certain information.

Password protection best practices

Passwords don’t just stop at logging into devices. After all, a PC with “Password123” wouldn’t take long for any hacker to crack.

Implementing passwords to gain entry to corporate networks, core business software and collaboration tools is essential to authenticate the user trying to use these tools.

A good password protection strategy includes guidance on creating passwords, how to store them safely, and changing them at regular intervals.

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