Low code solutions

Better ways to get things done with process automation

To compete and excel in the modern world, organisations need to turn outdated into automated.

From production lines to online customer experiences, this means expanding your automation capabilities across desktop, web and mobile to create a seamless, organisation-wide environment.

By automating quickly and more securely, you can empower everyone in your business to build automated processes using low-code, drag-and-drop tools. With hundreds of pre-built connectors, thousands of templates, and AI assistance, solutions such as Microsoft Power Automate make it easy to automate repetitive tasks.

The business issues process automation solves
  • Power BI: Addresses issues relating to data - helps identify hidden insights and provides interactive data visualisations.
  • Power Automate and PowerApps: Addresses poor productivity levels by streamlining workflows, automating organisational processes, and enhancing workflows with artificial intelligence.
  • Power virtual agents: Addresses issues around sales capacity through powerful chatbots that engage with both customers and employees to take action on collected data.
Boost efficiency

Record and visualize end-to-end processes using process and task mining with process advisor. It takes the guesswork out of what to automate by providing guided recommendations for creating flows.

Enhance workflows with AI

Make your automations even smarter using AI Builder. Quickly process forms using document automation, plus process approvals, detect images and text, or create with prebuilt models.

Find out more

This section explores more about process automation, and the capabilities of Microsoft Power Automate.

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