Collaboration Tools and Remote Workplace

Workplace apps have gone mainstream in recent years, with everyone talking about DevOps, DevSecOps and no end of other new terms for us to learn.

This explosion in app development stems from the massive potential they have for delivering significant business benefit. Most critically, apps have moved out of the support space and into the operational landscape, becoming integral to the successful delivery of business objectives, leveraging the growing importance of data and providing overall operational security.

Top tech companies are responding with new technologies and platforms to help drive better operational productivity, many responding to demands for a new way of working. The last two years has seen an explosion in remote communications tools, with apps like Zoom and Teams becoming a part of everyday business life. 

Microsoft have launched an entire platform, Power Platform, with tools like Power BI, which creates bespoke reports and dashboards for greater business  analysis and intelligence, and Power Automate that turns repetitive tasks into multistep workflows. 

There’s no doubt that apps will become an integral part of our future business model, with data management at the forefront, closely followed by developer and security tools.

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