Meeting Rooms

The advantages of virtual meeting rooms

Many of us have been working with cloud-based meeting rooms since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

But although there are some signs of a return to “normal” and the office environment, it seems as though at least some degree of virtual working is here to stay.

The advantages of cloud-based meeting rooms

In addition to cost savings, sustainability advantages and increased employee productivity, virtual meeting rooms offer the advantage of speed. The ability to get a remote team together almost instantly is something that it is almost impossible to do with a face-to-face meeting.

Demonstrating innovative solutions to meeting also presents your organisation in the best possible light to customers, potential customers, investors, board members, or other important stakeholders.

Meeting at the tap of a button

Modern workspaces are enabled by cloud-based meeting rooms. They offer video collaboration for remote or hybrid teams, as well as the ability to build more lasting relationships with customers, suppliers, partners, or other departments without needing to move around.

Virtual meeting rooms also have the advantage of not needing to take the time to travel to and from defined locations, and also minimalise the discussion about who is available and where is most convenient.

With cloud meeting rooms, you can simply spin up the meeting at the touch of a button, share content and/or videos, and recreate an experience as close as possible to an actual meeting room.

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