Effortless electronic contract management

eSignatures have become commonplace in recent years to enable effortless business transactions.

The fully cloud-based eSignature process enables all kinds of documents to be created, reviewed, signed and filed electronically. Users can collaborate across different teams, with stakeholders or customers internal or external to their organisation.

What type of documents do eSignatures cover?

Contracts are one of the most common, but hundreds of millions of users utilise eSignatures for sales contracts, new account opening processes or supplier forms, invoices, quotations and statements of work.

Integrated cloud-based eSignature solutions enable you to prepare, execute and manage documentation in an efficient – and secure – way.

Key features of eSignature
  • Sign from anywhere with internet through mobile apps or web browers
  • Save time with custom fields, templates and notifications
  • Ensure compliance with a fully auditable end-to-end process
  • Flexible routing to multiple users to satisfy internal approval flows

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