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We demystify digital signatures

Many countries around the world are using electronic signatures, and millions of users are comfortable signing their documents electronically.

But questions around the software still arise, and mystery still surrounds whether or not they are legally accepted. This short panel discussion from DocuSign helps demystify some of the common myths and legends of eSignature!

Electronic signatures are broadly accepted throughout the industrialised world as equivalent to a written "wet” signature. For most use cases, customers, and locations, an electronic signature is sufficient.

However, regulated industries, governmental entities or specific European use cases may require or prefer digital certificate-based signatures, which offer a heightened level of identity verification and assurance compared to electronic signatures.

In this on-demand webinar DocuSign discuss:
  • The different types of digital signatures and their most common use cases, including a discussion of digital certificates
  • The role and function of the Trust Service Provider
  • Trends in digital signature law (including trends in the UK and upcoming changes to eIDAS)

Watch the on-demand webinar now.

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