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Strategic Blue


One of the fundamental aspects of any cloud strategy must be the balancing of the cost of cloud services and the benefits they deliver.

This critical discipline is called cloud financial operations (FinOps) and has become a recognised specialisation. Strategic Blue is one of those specialists, helping organisations to buy cloud in the way they want, understand their cloud usage and access deeper savings than they could receive directly from cloud vendors.

Strategic Blue has over a decade of experience in the cloud and works in partnership with the FinOps Foundation, is an Advanced Consulting AWS Partner, Silver Microsoft Partner and Google Cloud Partner, so you’ll understand why they’re one of our Spotlight Partners.

Another reason to spotlight Strategic Blue is their unique commodity trading approach to cloud resale, which embraces and manages uncertainty and creates further savings that allow them to offer many of their services for free!

They work with anyone who uses the cloud, from start-ups to enterprises, and has specific expertise in finance, FinTechs, SaaaS companies, healthcare, gaming and technology. They have a strong education portfolio, working with leading universities both here and in the US.

Key Information
  • AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Partner
  • FinOps Foundation members
  • Over a decade of experience in cloud financial operations (FinOps)
  • Helping cloud users to buy cloud in the way they want and understand their usage
  • Provide unique savings, not possible directly from cloud vendors

Website: strategic-blue.com
Email: contact@strategic-blue.com

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