AWS Innovate 2023: Big data and machine learning

Boost productivity, enhance customer experiences, make better decisions

Today, many organisations are using AI/ML to deliver greater business value – from boosting productivity, enhancing customer experiences, making better decisions faster to generating new revenue opportunities and improving operational efficiencies.

Join us for a date with data and learn directly from solution architects, developers, customers, and partners about how AWS can help you build future-proof applications, learn about machine learning tools, and bring more organisation to your data-driven organisation.

Reimagine new possibilities with big data and machine learning

Take your AI/ML skills to the next level today! Get hands-on and step-by-step architectural and deployment best practices to help you build better, innovate faster, and deploy at scale. Whether you are just getting started with AI/ML, an advanced user, or simply curious about AI/ML, we have a specific track for your level of experience and job role.

đź“… 9th March, 2023

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