Don’t leak your rocket fuel

Backup & governance for the next frontier of business solutions

The importance of data security for modern organisations is widely acknowledged, but data backup and restoration are often overlooked. What are the consequences?

Failure to implement the necessary data backup and restoration tasks into your routines can lead to unnecessary loss of valuable data. This episode of AvePoint's #O365 Hours discussed the significance of data backup and restoration, and their crucial role in ensuring business continuity.

The conversation covers Microsoft's native backup capabilities in Azure, along with the potential benefits of third-party solutions for extending these capabilities.

Key discussion points during the session include:
  • The reasons behind the necessity of backup
  • The need for companies to prioritise data restoration and overall business continuity
  • The relevance of third-party cloud backup solutions despite Microsoft's baseline capabilities
  • The historical context of backup and restore within Microsoft 365
  • The significance of AvePoint's recent expansion of cloud backup to include Azure

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