How to save up to 75% on Azure compute and storage

Simplify management, ensure efficient operations, and lower Azure costs

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise allows customers to leverage the significant investments Microsoft is making into the Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 services.

Unlike other virtual desktop solutions, Nerdio Manager for Enterprise does not replace Microsoft’s native components but enhances them with best-in-class enterprise capabilities.

Nerdio adds value on top of the powerful capabilities in Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, and Microsoft Intune by delivering hundreds of features that simplify management, ensure efficient operations, and lower Azure compute and storage costs by up to 80% via automation and license optimisation.

Enterprise IT professionals can deliver and maintain a wide range of virtual Windows endpoints across hybrid workforces with ease and fine-tune end-user computing (EUC) approaches for maximum effectiveness using powerful monitoring and analytics capabilities.

Watch the video to see how it works (2:50)

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