Building supply chain resilience and security

How to harness the potential of internal audit

The security of supply chains is an ongoing concern for many organisations. Find out more about how to assess and tackle this important issue.

Recent and current global events as well as cyber attacks in the UK have compelled organisations to seek strategies to make their supply chain more resilient and secure.

Addressing these supply chain challenges requires a multifaceted approach. In an increasingly uncertain world where the next big crisis could always be around the corner, internal audit’s ability to provide assurance and assess the potential risks posed by supply chain disruption is a valuable skill set to possess.

This is where internal audit can bring value as the assurance provided by the function can help aid the organisation’s ability to withstand unforeseen supply chain disruptions.

Find out more

This report explores how internal audit can be utilised to help organisations build more resilient, secure and diverse supply chains, reducing their exposure to risk and increasing their ability to respond to unexpected events. Find out:

  • How organisations identify and manage supply chain risks and how internal audit can help improve this process.
  • What strategies organisations and internal audit teams can deploy to tackle the risks in the supply chain.
  • How organisations and internal audit can use collaboration tools and leverage technology to reduce and mitigate the impacts of supply chain risks. 

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