The Psychology of Passwords

Understanding and outsmarting password (mis)behaviours

Although 92% of people know it's a risk to reuse one password for multiple accounts, 65% still do it anyway.

For many, it’s an issue of password memorisation – they can only remember so many unique passwords. Thus, only some accounts get the security they deserve.

Rather than picking and choosing what accounts are worth protecting, we should treat all credentials as vulnerable. It’s important to protect yourself while spending more time online, such as creating unique passwords for every account. LastPass makes it easy.

IT needs to set a standard

People won't reassess their password practices on their own. IT admins need to rethink security strategies to ensure employees practice good password and access hygiene while working from home.

  • 35% of employers made employees update their passwords regularly.
  • 46% of employees did not strengthen their passwords on their own.
  • 39% businesses made sure employees logged into company apps via secure networks.
  • 47% of employees didn't change their security habits once working remotely.

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