Effective endpoint detection and response

Shift and adapt security technologies and controls for the cloud

Security technologies and controls need to shift and adapt as infrastructure moves into the cloud.

So what does this mean for workloads? There are significant changes with the transition from on-premises detection and response to cloud, especially with endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools.

In this webinar, AWS SANS Senior Instructor Dave Shackleford and Sr. Security Solution Architect, Threat Detection and Incident Response, Kyle Dickinson, outline a strategy and best-in-class technologies from the AWS Marketplace to help you build and manage your cloud EDR programme.

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Does your organisation need to develop more advanced and capable security controls at scale? Not having a modern security strategy in place is risky amid evolving cloud threats.

Watch this on-demand recording from AWS to learn about implementing endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools into your security strategy:

  • Key functionality in a best of breed EDR solution
  • Architecture and operations design and considerations
  • Detection and response examples
  • Considerations such as scale, automation, and performance

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