Facebook and Digital Trust

With trust in social media at all-time lows, what learnings if any are there?

As Facebook celebrates its 20th birthday (it seems longer than that doesn't it?), trust remains an issue. Are there any learnings for other businesses in building digital trust?

Although Facebook is one of the world's most recognisable logos and is entrenched in millions of peoples' day-to-day lives, according to Infosecurity magazine, only 6% of people trust it and other social media companies with their personal data overall, and 3% in the UK.

Not great reading is it? So what if anything can other organisations learn from social media companies in building digital trust?

Gaining your consumers’ trust in a digital world

The Thales 2024 Digital Trust Index is a survey gauging the level of trust consumers have with digital services and their personal data across major industries. Trust is not a monolithic construct. This is why it takes brands months and sometimes years to earn the trust of their customers. These customers in turn then become brand advocates.

Get the 2024 Thales Digital Trust Index

First impressions certainly count, but it is a combination of multiple good interactions that lead to a sense of trust in the minds of customers. The digital realm and thereby, digital trust, are no different.

This report aims to share insights from consumers around the world, to guide businesses on how to build trust with their customers.

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