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Trellix is the new brand for a combined business offering of what it calls a ‘living security platform’.

Trellix believes there are 3 main reasons companies remain at risk – They’re too focused on solving the last security threat, not the next one; they’re too dependent on error=prone manual processes, not automation and; security teams lack the breadth to cover all vectors and point products.

To address this, Trellix created a dynamic XDR ecosystem that brings all the best features of both companies into the Trellix Platform, addressing endpoints, applications, collaboration, data and users, infrastructure and cloud.

Trellix are ‘at the forefront of the XDR revolution’, but what is XDR? It stands for extended detection and response and Trellis describe it as:

    • Extending across several security vectors
    • Detection across all vectors, as they arise
    • Being better prepared to Respond in real time

According to Trellix, adopting an XDR platform allows us to create a more resilient digital world by rapidly adapting to the constantly changing global threat landscape, turn yesterdays threats into tomorrow’s advantages and embark on a brighter business future by reducing organisable risk.

Key Information

Lower the cost and complexity of cloud and hybrid environments, and safeguard remote workforces with unified threat and data protection across endpoints, web, and cloud.

  • Lean and Adapt: Learns and adapts for ‘living protection’ while delivering native and open connections and providing expert and embedded support for your team
  • Endpoints: Keeps organisations resilient with adaptive prevention that adjusts and responds in machine time to threats – according to Trellix, customers trust 75m endpoints in Trellix.
  • Cloud: Maximises business agility through zero trust principles and protects against front-door, side-door and back-door attacks, all while streamlining policy management.
  • Applications: Comprehensive, non-invasive protection for cloud-native applications, through secure agile DevOps and visible deployment environments.
  • Collaboration: Email and collaboration tool that protects against high volume exposure points and attackers.
  • Data & Users: Secures data no matter where or how it moves.
Company Facts
  • Ownership: Private (VC owned: Symphony Technology Group)
  • Headquarters: Schaffhausen, Switzerland
  • Founded: 2003
  • Turnover: $2 billion
  • Employees: 5,000
  • Customers: 40,000
  • Website: www.trellix.com

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