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SIEM Cloud Clinic

We all love the convenience and endless possibilities that the digital world offers, don’t we? Whether it's connecting with friends across continents or accessing boundless information in seconds, our online experiences are richer and more diverse than ever.

However, for businesses, the vast expanse of the cyber world also brings its share of challenges that come from interacting with it. One of those we are considering here is in the form of Cyber Security Debt.

But fear not. We’re here to help set you on the path towards creating a safer online presence for your business.

This is a Virtual Whiteboarding session with LogRhythms Guy Grieve, keynote speaker at the recent Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit in London. Guy will help you to understand why time is your biggest security risk and what you can do to give yourself more time.

What you get on the call:

M365 Copilot Readiness Cloud Clinic

Microsoft recently launched its new AI-powered digital assistant, Microsoft 365 Copilot, into general availability. Copilot aims to boost productivity and streamline work by providing AI-generated suggestions and content within Microsoft 365 apps.

But to truly reap the rewards of Microsoft 365 Copilot, it's about more than just installing the tool – you must have a well-rounded implementation strategy and understand what Copilot really is, how it works, and key use cases across M365 apps.

By establishing a solid data foundation, maintaining top-notch data quality, safeguarding sensitive information, simplifying permissions, and automating essential governance tasks, you can build an AI-ready environment for your workspace, paving the way for unparalleled efficiency and security with Copilot.

The Cloud Community team asked SaaS governance and secure collaboration specialists, AvePoint, to offer our community free access to their Copilot assessment for our readers, wherever they are in their digital transformation journey or Copilot adoption.

What you get on the call:

SHOP B2B: Jump Start

If you're considering a move to online trading it’s going to mean navigating the complexities of B2B digital commerce, a far different world from that of B2C.

This consultation is designed to help with the strategic decision making around tools, platforms, integrations that will be essential to your company’s success.

Our specialists will help explore how you can achieve the best outcomes by getting it right first time in a timely, cost-effective manner that will set  you on the right path for the long-term..

What you get on the call:

SHOP B2B: 5 Star Site Review

Who is this suitable for:  Technical or Marketing leaders

If you're unhappy with the performance of your existing B2B digital commerce site, this consultation with a specialist will help systematically to identify the root causes and create an action plan for improvement.

Recognising these challenges is the first step. Our specialists will help explore the reasons for the problems you’re having and offer a constructive review of how to fix them either in the short or long-term.

What you get on the call:

M365 Risk Assessment Clinic

Microsoft has made sharing easy. But how do you know whether your sharing is secure? Users can share directly from files, from SharePoint, Teams, or even drop files in Teams chats.

Almost every time this happens, unique permissions and maybe even anonymous links are created. Even if you’re enough of a PowerShell expert to understand global M365 permissions, how do you know if there’s an issue?

Are there unknown risks hiding in your M365 environment?

Measure your organisation’s security and compliance risk with a data-driven rapid Risk Assessment. Get a handle on your collaboration security posture with a complimentary Risk Assessment.


What you get:

  •  A 30-minute consultation with a technical expert
  •  15 days of insider access to AvePoint Insights
  •  An easily sharable Risk Assessment Report
  •  Personalised recommendations for risk remediation
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Assessment Clinic

It’s already widely appreciated technology streamlines processes, optimises performance and should improve profitability.

Wherever you are in your deployment of cloud technology in your digital transformation journey, it’s important to keep focused and not become overwhelmed by cloud sprawl and rising costs.

We asked cloud specialists, CloudArmee, to offer our community free access to their TCO assessment for businesses, wherever they are in their digital transformation journey - and they have obliged! It aims to highlight how an existing estate could be deployed more efficiently and where appropriate, where investment would be beneficial.


What you get:

  •  A tailored report dependent on the shape and size of the organisation
  •  Performance benefits that would be gained by introducing new, or extending existing capabilities
  •  Potential investment vs performance savings
  •  A personalised leave-behind report
  •  30-minute FREE specialist consultation and review of the findings
E-Signature Clinic

Making the decision to move to electronic signature will have a positive impact on the customer experience, staff productivity and your green credentials.

Every business is different so this calculator is designed to show you what it means for yours and aims to to help you firm up the justification to take the next step.


What you get:

  •  In your 30 minute session we will use a format to help us understand your current environment and what types of processes need to be automated. Then we’ll provide you with your dedicated and bespoke report for you to do with as you wish.
Cloud Checkup Clinic

A cloud management assessment to gain visibility into your cloud environment to reduce cost, and security risk.


What you get:

  •  600 point report with actionable insights
  •  30-minute FREE specialist consultation and review of the findings
AWS Automated Templates Clinic

The complexity of AWS can be daunting for SMBs. This clinic gives you an overview of the backup, archving, disaster recovery and workspaces templates.


What you get:

  •  Get the most from AWS Automated Templates with a personalised implementation plan
  •  30-minute FREE specialist consultation
Safe Remote Working Clinic

Identify steps needed to maintain a collaborative working environment, service to customers and maximised business performance.


What you get:

  •  Initial 30-minute consultation
  •  Prioritised checklist of issues, solutions, supporting technologies
  •  List of free resources and services
Digital Transformation Clinic

What’s good and what’s not good enough? Every business is different, best practice will help you discover what’s right for yours.


What you get:

  •  Initial 30-minute consultation
  •  Prioritised checklist of issues, solutions, supporting technologies
  •  List of free resources and services
Embrace Digital Business Clinic

A mindset beyond process automation will help you plan your digital future, identify quick wins and build for the long term.


What you get:

  •  Initial 30 minute consultation
  •  Planning framework
  •  List of free resources and services

Access the following technologies and solutions:

Terms & Conditions to claim voucher

  • All Clinics need to be booked and completed by 31 January and attended
  • Decision on whether to issue vouchers is made by the Cloud Community editorial team
  • Number of vouchers per clinic is limited to 20
  • No cash alternative
  • Vouchers will be issued on completion of Clinic
  • 1 voucher per company
  • Company emails to be used in Clinic bookings
  • Personal emails can be provided to receive vouchers
  • Any tax liability to be declared to HMRC by individuals or companies benefiting
  • Donations can be made to any registered charity of choice

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